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Nathan nathan at gvtc.com
Fri Sep 12 11:13:45 CDT 2008

We also need to show some not so fancy applications to show the true depth of Linux.

We need a simple Text to Voice application and a simple Voice to Text application.

If you have a good Linux application one or both, please let us know if you can be at the computer show to demo.  If not, can we get some help in setting up a demo.

Nathan Oxhandler

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Subject: [SATLUG] SATLUG Booth at Computer Show
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I was at last night's SATLUG meeting and I mentioned Linux audio

Idea for San Antonio Linux Users Booth: Professional Audio Production in

Featured Applications:

Audicity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net): A digital audio editor similar
to Soundforge and Adobe Audition. Includes advanced audio effects and
editing capabilities such as as delay, compression, noise reduction, and
various mixing and remixing functions.

Ardour (http://www.ardour.org): Ardour is a multi-track recording software
similar to Protools and Cubase. It differs from Audacity in that it is
geared toward music composition and arrangement. It includes the ability to
add audio, midi and "virtual instruments" into a full blown mixing

Also it might be good to demo end user audio apps such as Banshee (
http://banshee-project.org) and Amaork (http://amarok.kde.org). Both are
better than the popular ITunes and of course don't have any DRM (digital
rights management) and are open source.

I have been using audacity for years and will be able to demonstrate
advanced features. Ardour is similar to the Pro-tools software I have been
using in the Windows and OSX environments. I have not had a chance to play
with it much, but so far is it very impressive. I expect to be competent
enough in Ardour to present something at the show.

There are also a variety of Win 32 apps that run flawlessly under Wine in
Ubuntu. In fact, showing how well (certain) Windows application run in Wine
might be a good demo topic as well. This could also include a demo of Sun's
"VirtualBox" a free and open source virtual host software.

Let me know if you want me to put together the audio presentation.

- Charles Gruber
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