[SATLUG] RE: HP Printer efficiency

Marc Ripley misteratomic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 10:50:49 CDT 2008

I can only offer opinion on the L7680 AIO that I have.
It's very efficient with ink, uses large cartridges, has separate print heads.

I purchase the HP large ink tanks at a lower price from a SAMs Club
and they last a dang awful long time.
To me this equates to a low cost per print especially considering the
quality of print / usability / durability.

Paraphrasing from a review in PC World:
Approx 1.4 Cents per Print B&W and 5 Cents for Color using retail
pricing on the carts.

I can't say purchasing this printer has been anything but a good move
on my part.
The best part is that this printer is available at a really good price
these days.

However, some of the lower cost AIOs and printers are ghastly
expensive with the combined ink/printhead carts.
I can't argue with that assessment.


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> Don Crowder wrote:
>> My experience is that just about any HP printer is essentially "Plug
>> and Play" in Linux and I've set up enough of them to represent a valid
>> sample.
> they're also the most inefficient and most expensive on ink.

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