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Right.  I would say that you could draw a minor line (at least) between the
competence of their technical staff and the technical staff they would
choose and ultimately rely upon for day to day advice (or legislation) as a
president. No one expects the candidates themselves to be geeks (although
that would be cool,) but they should at least be informed enough to choose
competent staff in various areas that they will be responsible for in some


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>>> I was just doing some checking on the presidential candidates:
>> < SNIP >
>>  Opinions?
>>>  -- Bruce
>> Bruce, I don't think it's a good idea to choose
>> a candidate based on the technical merits of
>> their web site.  I would prefer that the candidate
>> stick to just ftp, telnet, and nntp, and not do
>> any web stuff.  Maybe kermit will make a come
>> back.
>> Howard
> LOL.  No, I don't expect the candidates to be computer geeks.  I do expect
> them to have some idea of what the implications of their technical policies.
>  That's why I linked to to their pages about that.
>  -- Bruce
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