[SATLUG] Response for Linux-Friendly Printers & Scanners

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Mon Sep 15 22:40:12 CDT 2008

This is now the fourth time I try to send this.  All of my previous 
attempts to respond to the original thread over the past couple of days 
have gone into the big bit bucket in the sky, with no indication as to 
what happened ...

To respond to Ian's comments (the first response I got), I'm using the 
GUI hardware configuration in YAST2 (OpenSUSE 10.3), and I'm not getting 
any error messages at all.  When I try to have the printer print a test 
page (for graphics, text, or both), all I get is the print head moving 
around & making some clicking sounds, but no actual printing (not even a 
page feed).  Furthermore, when I set-up the scanner, the driver was 
already flagged as having some problems, namely that the white areas on 
a sheet of normal bond paper will come up all purple (I got the same 
result when I tried it).  Also, the scanner wouldn't actually scan the 
entire page -- only about 1/4 of the page (the upper left corner) would 
be scanned.

Since this is an all-in-one, a failure to get any one part of the unit 
working correctly is basically a deal-breaker.  But it's not such a big 
deal to me to replace this unit -- it's several years old, my 
mother-in-law needs a newer printer (hers is about 13-14 years old), and 
the new ones are not really expensive.

Since the consensus is to pointing to an HP, I've looked at what they 
have to offer.  I found the J6480 on sale right now, and it's gotten an 
Editor's Choice from PC Magazine, and a similar best buy recommendation 
from CNet.  It looks like I'll be buying a new printer in the next day 
or so.

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations.

Al Lesmerises

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