[SATLUG] Presidential Candidate Websites

Jon Mark Allen jm at allensonthe.net
Mon Sep 15 22:25:56 CDT 2008

> wouldnt it be simpler to look at thier FEC quartly reports to see who
> they are paying then do a little research on the tech companies they pay
> out too?
> here is obama's quartly debt report
> http://query.nictusa.com/pres/2007/Q3/C00431445/D_DEBTS_C00431445.html
> here is mccain's
> http://query.nictusa.com/pres/2007/Q1/C00430470/B_PAYEE_C00430470.html
> Todd

Yes, but I was referring to OS fingerprinting in general, rather than
this one specific case.  It doesn't really matter what they're using for
their website in terms of my vote, so the matter isn't really of
interest to me unless we're talking about fingerprinting in general.

And in that case, not all website owners' finances are a matter of
public record. :-)


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