[SATLUG] Returning to San Antonio

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Sep 16 21:39:08 CDT 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:
> To all on the list who know me (and those who may not but care?) I will be
> returning to San Antonio the first part of October.  I have taken a position
> as a Chief Enterprise Architect/Dir. of Eng. for a local company and will be
> leaving California soon.  I was out here a little more than a year, but as
> you may well know, a Texan can't live without Texas for long. I look forward
> to returning to the meetings and being a more active member of SATLUG. The
> next round is on me!
> See you all soon.  (oops..i mean yall)

Welcome home, Ernest. 

I was in SoCal from early 1979 to late 1983.  Worked for General
Dynamics out there. 
After the 5th lay-off in 4 years, I said 'phooey' on this place (replace
that 'phooey' with what you think I -really- said) and came home.

I'll never live anywhere else but Texas, again.  I've been everywhere
else in the country.  but, when it comes down to deciding where I'm
gonna live, it will always be Texas.  Might not be San Antonio, but it
will always be Texas.

Soon as you get back, get you down to Mi Tierra and re-stock up on your
'Original Mexican Food' quotient :-)


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