[SATLUG] investigating a UTSA install fest

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 14:45:55 CDT 2008

Vinny Huckaba wrote:
> Here is the UTSA Linux fest info:
> Where: UTSA 1604 Campus HSS 2.02.02 http://utsa.edu/maps/1604/

I can't find HSS on the map.

> When: Saturday Sept. 20th 2008 at 10AM
> Parking: visitors can park in any of the unmarked spaces on Saturday. There
> will be plenty of parking on the South East side of campus by the Gym and
> Rec Center. To get to the HSS, head N-N/E toward the UC and go up the giant
> stairs, then enter the building on your left. We are in the Lab in the
> middle of the building by the elevators/stairs.
> First let me say that the fest has turned into more of a training and 101
> for our helpdesk... and not the linux fest I initially wanted. Leave it to
> the state to take something fun and turn it into training. I shouldn't
> complain, at least we get to have some type of linux event.
> The lab they moved us to only has 30 seats available, that are already
> reserved for UTSA staff. =( We were not allowed to open this to faculty or
> students because of the limited seating. If this one goes well, we can get a
> bigger space, and invite many more people. I encourage SATLUG to come out,
> and meet the folks at UTSA, watch the presentations, and exchange info. We
> will be primarily installing CentOS 5 in the lab, but will have Ubuntu and a
> few others to show off as well as the latest version of Solaris 10.
> Agenda
> time person description
> 10:00am John start the InstallFest and give an introduction to Linux
> (Robots!)
> 10:30am All installing Linux (Ubuntu & CentOS)
> 12:00pm N/A Lunch
> 1:00pm N/A Lunch complete
> 1:15pm Kevin Basic commands (moving around the system)
> 1:45pm John Installing software (install software, adobe reader, flash
> player)
> 2:00pm Mark Basic shell scripting (pipes, crontab, simple automation)
> 2:30pm N/A Break!
> 3:00pm Vinny Linux Multimedia (samba, xmms, mplayer, amarok, realplayer)
> 4:00pm John Linux networking / firewalling (VPN, iptables, ufw)
> 4:30pm Lori How to burn CDs in Linux (k3d)
> 5:00pm Ted Printing (cups)
> 5:30pm All wrap up

What is the role for SATLUG?  I don't see anything for us to help.

   -- Bruce

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