[SATLUG] Requesting CLI assitance.

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 14:06:45 CDT 2008

First off, I've been on this site...


...trying to teach myself how to use the CLI and I'm starting to get it, 
a little, but it's a slow process.   Meanwhile I very much wish to learn 
how to use this utility.


and I'm having trouble figuring it out.  Here are the particulars

the text file is named...


...and I wish to invoke the following switches:

--extract [to create a file I can paste into a template]

--make_links [to convert URLs in the text document to hypertext links]

--lower_case_tags [because lower case tags are standards compliant]

--short_line_length 65 [so that any line 65 characters or shorter will 
be followed by an html <br> to preserve the test file's formatting (I 
keep the text file's line length down to 60 characters or less).

I wish to have an output file named text.html

So far I've no trouble opening a terminal and navigating to the text 
file's location:

don at debianguitar:~$ cd /home/don/temp2
don at debianguitar:~/temp2$ ls
don at debianguitar:~/temp2$

Could someone please show me the syntax required to use this utility in 
the manner I've described, or correct me if you can see some fundamental 
error in my reasoning process?

The point:

I use a Windows app called Text2web to create the online issue of our 
ezine each month.


I deliberately try to make the online version resemble the plain text 
email version as closely as possible.  I have text2web set to omit any 
html headers or footers and to preserve the text file's formatting by 
preceding carriage returns with html breaks.

This is quite literally the only thing I'm still using Windows to do and 
  every time I turn on the XP machine I'm more annoyed by my inability 
to do the job in Linux.  If I can learn to use txt2html I won't have any 
more use for XP.  That would please me a lot.

I realize that many of you are somewhat contemptuous of those of us who 
are CLI challenged.  I hope you'll set aside that contempt for a moment 
and help eliminate some of my ignorance.


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Don Crowder
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