[SATLUG] Changing the 'owner' of a group of files

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sun Sep 21 14:17:50 CDT 2008

Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> I am finally getting my wife switched over to Linux, and that means 
> moving a bunch of files from her old Windows system onto the new box.  
> However, previous tests I have done make it look like the files don't 
> recognize her as the owner on the new machine.
> Is there a way to have the 'owner' setting for all these files changed, 
> in one large batch conversion?  I can go in and manually manipulate the 
> read-write-execute privileges, but it seemed to be a rather clumsy 
> process ...
> TIA.
> Al Lesmerises

Chown is the command you want.  Type man chown into the terminal and you 
will get more info.  Something like
chown -R wife:wife /home/wife


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