[SATLUG] Requesting CLI assitance.

skolars skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu
Sun Sep 21 19:10:04 CDT 2008

Brad Knowles wrote:
> I'd recommend getting a good book on basic HTML and starting to learn
> the formatting commands.
also: www.w3.org
> As for booting XP, if you installed VMware or one of those other
> virtualization tools, you could run XP under Linux, and not have to
> worry about actually booting or rebooting the physical machine.
There are many benefits of running Linux on the base machine, and then
running everything else with VMware workstation.  netfilter is a big
> I've just upgraded to version 2.0 of VMWare Fusion on my MacPro at
> work, and it was actually pretty easy to install Solaris 10 x86/64
> from the ISO images I downloaded from the Sun website -- I didn't even
> use any of the hundreds or thousands of pre-built VMWare "appliance"
> images that you can download.
> I'm anticipating that it will be pretty easy to install RHEL 5 (our
> other primary server OS at work), as well as FreeBSD 7, and whatever
> other Intel-based OSes that I want to play with, while leaving the
> machine itself running Mac OS X 10.5.
I have every version of (ugh) Microsoft Windows, all of the major
versions of BSD, and Fedora 7, 8, and 9 running in VMware.  It works
great.  Glad to hear Solaris is an easy install (have not had time to
load it yet).

I think that Brad has given you some great advice.


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