[SATLUG] A Small World Linux Success Story

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 03:58:45 CDT 2008

Hey folks;

A Small World Linux Success Story...

Once upon a time, I had all kinds of questions about how to work in
Linux, how to network, how to work the CLI, how to run wireless, and
wasn't about to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04LTS after hearing a number of
wireless horror stories.  No more though...  A few months ago, my
Windoze server finally crashed for good, and my long-suffering laptop
crashed a month later... And, then I decided to swim with Linux rather
than sink...

I now have three machines (an Acer 3050 Aspire Laptop, a HP Pavillion
531w mini-tower, and a Dell Optiplex GX-100 tower) all on line, all
updated to Linux Ubuntu 8.04; a Lexmark z35 printer and HP ScanJet 2300c
flatbed  scanner running; and both wired and wireless networking on line
- the whole network is now visible from any machine on it.

That said, Windoze is finally history in my house, and I'm a lot happier
for it.  Any similar stories?


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