[SATLUG] Re: now help with raid setup on linuxmce box

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Sep 22 13:11:47 CDT 2008

Well my headache with the Rocketraid card was started by my desire to
give linuxmce a try again.  In this particular box I will have 2 320 gig
and 2 500 gig drives.  with my raid I want it all redundancy, as much
space as possible and speed. I know that I cant have it all (i dont have
the $$) so I am trying to figure out a strategy....I was thinking of
doing a raid0 of 2x320 = 640 and a raid0 of 2x500 = 1tb then lvm the two
raid arrays for approximately 1.64 tb.  question will the lvm provide
any redundancy given the size difference between the two raid arrays? 

or would it be more advisable to do 2 raid1 then lvm them to get 840gb?

given that this will be a media server I want as much drive space as I
can get but I don't want to loose all my media should a drive die on me.

thanks for any advice on this topic


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