[SATLUG] CLI issue resolved

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Sep 22 14:06:11 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:

> Thanks to Lee Parmeter on the www.hllug.org email list whose suggestions 
> helped me determine that it was a mistake to include the pound sign 
> ("#") in the name of my text file. Taking the pound sign out of the file 
> name and working my way through the options again, slowly, enabled me to 
> get the desired output after a few trial runs.

That was an issue specific to the particular piece of software you were 
running, and didn't have anything at all to do with how general CLI programs 
operate.  It also didn't have anything to do with general text editing, or HTML.

> No thanks to SATLUG members.
> I know that SATLUG members ARE NOT a pack of self-absorbed, 
> anal-retentive prima donnas.  Why do so many of you behave that way when 
> someone asks for help?
> I asked for help with the syntax and didn't get a single answer which 
> addressed my question.  I have no objection to learning far more than 
> the answer to my question but I do wish you'd wait until the question is 
> answered before going into "important related issues" and/or the usual 
> intellectual snobbery.

I'm sorry, we're supposed to magically understand everything there is to 
know about all the quirks and weirdnesses of various non-standard programs, 
and which don't actually have anything to do with any of the standard 
features or issues of CLI operation, text editing, or HTML?!?

The recommendations I saw were perfectly reasonable, given the evidence we saw.

In fact, even given what we now know, I would say that the recommendations 
given were a better choice than using this piece-of-crap software, because 
it's clearly acting in a very strange manner and doing all sorts of totally 
unnecessary things with the output, when you really would be much better off 
just putting everything in <PRE></PRE> containers and being done with it.

> Anyone on this list who, like me, is reluctant to ask for help because 
> you don't care to be browbeaten by academic thugs has my personal 
> invitation to join the hllug mailing list.

And if you're bound and determined to go driving off the cliff regardless of 
whatever advice you're given by people who actually do know better, then I'm 
afraid there's likely to be little we can do to help you.

Just because you don't like the advice doesn't mean that the advice is wrong.

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