[SATLUG] CLI issue resolved

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Mon Sep 22 16:56:15 CDT 2008

The # sign in the cli begins a comment.  Everything after it will be 
ignored.  Your first post never showed the command you typed in that was 
giving you issues, or any output errors.  Alternately you could have 
also either escaped the # sign (\#) in the cli, or enclosed the filename 
in quotes.  The same goes for whitespace in filenames when running from 
the command line, either escape the whitespace, or enclose in quotes.

Quoting cli arguements with special characters or whitespace is barely 
an afterthought for me now.  So unless I see someone doing otherwise, it 
never even registers as a potential problem.

Had we seen the command you were trying to run, it probably would have 
been quickly spotted.  Granted, you would have also been given the "and 
if that doesn't work you could always..." with everyone talking about 
their favorite books and tutorial sites and pointing you towards their 
favorite cli text editor.  The "if that doesn't work..."  stuff would 
not have been because of anal-retentiveness, but because txt2html, 
(while it may be perfectly wonderful at what it does), is obviously not 
a tool commonly used by everyone in these parts, and our desire to give 
you some sort of solution.

Oh, by the way, my favorite html tutorial site is 
http://www.w3schools.com/ and you've heard the rest from everyone else.
(sorry, couldn't help myself :) )


Don Crowder wrote:
> This is the proper syntax for the job I was trying accomplish.
> txt2html 101-2008-09-15.txt --extract --lower_case_tags --prebegin 0 
> --preend 0 --outfile text.html
> Thanks to Lee Parmeter on the www.hllug.org email list whose suggestions 
> helped me determine that it was a mistake to include the pound sign 
> ("#") in the name of my text file. Taking the pound sign out of the file 
> name and working my way through the options again, slowly, enabled me to 
> get the desired output after a few trial runs.
> No thanks to SATLUG members.
> I know that SATLUG members ARE NOT a pack of self-absorbed, 
> anal-retentive prima donnas.  Why do so many of you behave that way when 
> someone asks for help?
> I asked for help with the syntax and didn't get a single answer which 
> addressed my question.  I have no objection to learning far more than 
> the answer to my question but I do wish you'd wait until the question is 
> answered before going into "important related issues" and/or the usual 
> intellectual snobbery.
> Anyone on this list who, like me, is reluctant to ask for help because 
> you don't care to be browbeaten by academic thugs has my personal 
> invitation to join the hllug mailing list.
> My apologies to any of you whom I have unjustly offended.

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