[SATLUG] A Small World Linux Success Story

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 17:03:39 CDT 2008

Great things to hear, Justin!  I got around the server issue by using
plain ol' Ubuntu 8.04, but installing most of Python and a big chunk of
Apache on the media server (the Dell).  Truth to tell, my laptop is
still dual-boot with XP, for use in the public domain, but I only really
go there about once a quarter.  The thing lives on my writer's desk,
hums along in Ubuntu, coordinates my network, and is otherwise my
browsin' buddy...


Justin Burdette wrote:
> About 3 years ago, I had my self-built computer and my father's Dell,
> both running XP. An update pushed to mine one morning and Windows
> crashed. It had been a few months since I'd reinstalled, so I figured
> it was time anyway. By 4 that afternoon, I'd reinstalled XP 5 times
> because it would crash on SP2 installation or when I would install
> antivirus. I finally stopped cussing, went to the other computer, and
> downloaded Mandriva/Mandrake (whatever it was called at the time)
> A few hours later, my seemingly dead computer was resurrected and
> running faster than ever before. I eventually gave up on Mandriva
> because I hated getting stuck in dependancy hell every time I wanted
> to install something, but I wasn't going back to Windows. OpenSUSE
> 10.1 was out, and I'd read a bit on it before downloading.I was hooked
> on SUSE after 10 minutes.
> The Dell and the homebuilt were combined into one after the
> motherboard finally blew on the homebuilt. My father was forced to
> make the switch too, and he likes it. Since then I've added an IPCop
> firewall, Ubuntu Server 8.04 for a web server (although it's still not
> working right...) and Debian on my old laptop. I do have one XP box
> now, strictly for a couple of games I love that won't run in WINE and
> for testing software I use elsewhere.
> The only frustrations I've had recently are the web server and the
> OpenSUSE 11 updater...but I'm still happy with it overall!
> Justin
> On 9/22/08, ed <horned0wl93 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey folks;
>> A Small World Linux Success Story...
>> Once upon a time, I had all kinds of questions about how to work in
>> Linux, how to network, how to work the CLI, how to run wireless, and
>> wasn't about to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04LTS after hearing a number of
>> wireless horror stories.  No more though...  A few months ago, my
>> Windoze server finally crashed for good, and my long-suffering laptop
>> crashed a month later... And, then I decided to swim with Linux rather
>> than sink...
>> I now have three machines (an Acer 3050 Aspire Laptop, a HP Pavillion
>> 531w mini-tower, and a Dell Optiplex GX-100 tower) all on line, all
>> updated to Linux Ubuntu 8.04; a Lexmark z35 printer and HP ScanJet 2300c
>> flatbed  scanner running; and both wired and wireless networking on line
>> - the whole network is now visible from any machine on it.
>> That said, Windoze is finally history in my house, and I'm a lot happier
>> for it.  Any similar stories?
>> Cheers;
>> Ed
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