[SATLUG] Re: Success Story

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 17:23:59 CDT 2008

Andrew Pickens wrote:
> I, too, am generally happy with 8.04, except that I can't get a
> resolution higher than 800x600.  Because of that, I can't do things
> that require getting to the bottom of the page, e.g. adding an address
> in Thunderbird. I had a good bit of help from SATLUG, but no solution,
> yet.  If you happen to have solved this one, I would appreciate
> hearing from you.
> Andy Pickens
Hi Andrew;

My machines have lots better resolution that that:  the towers are at
1024x768, and the laptop is at 1280x800, all at 60Hz refresh rate.  All
my video drivers are all wrapped ATI proprietary drivers.  Do you know
what yours are?  Do you know what type of video card/chipset you have. 

With mine, I was able to go into System > Preferences > Screen
Resolution, and tweak in there.  The OS may need to know what kind of
drivers, and what brand of monitor you're using.  My Dell does, as I'm
using an older, legacy Westinghouse 19" flat-panel monitor on that one...

You may also wanna open up your repositories (Synaptic Package Manger)
to both Universe and Multiverse settings, refresh them, and
download/install the restricted drivers applets. 

Hope this helps.  If not, please write back on the list, and I'm sure
some more of the guys can help.  :)


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