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> The # sign in the cli begins a comment.  Everything after it will be 
> ignored.  Your first post never showed the command you typed in that was 
> giving you issues, or any output errors.  Alternately you could have 
> also either escaped the # sign (\#) in the cli, or enclosed the filename 
> in quotes.  The same goes for whitespace in filenames when running from 
> the command line, either escape the whitespace, or enclose in quotes.
> Quoting cli arguements with special characters or whitespace is barely 
> an afterthought for me now.  So unless I see someone doing otherwise, it 
> never even registers as a potential problem.
> Had we seen the command you were trying to run, it probably would have 
> been quickly spotted.  Granted, you would have also been given the "and 
> if that doesn't work you could always..." with everyone talking about 
> their favorite books and tutorial sites and pointing you towards their 
> favorite cli text editor.  The "if that doesn't work..."  stuff would 
> not have been because of anal-retentiveness, but because txt2html, 
> (while it may be perfectly wonderful at what it does), is obviously not 
> a tool commonly used by everyone in these parts, and our desire to give 
> you some sort of solution.
> Oh, by the way, my favorite html tutorial site is 
> http://www.w3schools.com/ and you've heard the rest from everyone else.
> (sorry, couldn't help myself  :)  )
> Charlie
AWESOME site, best item from the whole thread THANK YOU THANK YOU


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