[SATLUG] CLI issue resolved

Jim Parkhurst JPARKHUR at dot.state.tx.us
Tue Sep 23 14:37:47 CDT 2008

OH! You mean you wanted help with the *"txt2html"* utility? Why didn't you say that?

>>> Don Crowder <donguitar at gmail.com> 09/22/2008 01:25 >>>
This is the proper syntax for the job I was trying accomplish.

txt2html 101-2008-09-15.txt --extract --lower_case_tags --prebegin 0 
--preend 0 --outfile text.html

Thanks to Lee Parmeter on the www.hllug.org email list whose suggestions 
helped me determine that it was a mistake to include the pound sign 
("#") in the name of my text file. Taking the pound sign out of the file 
name and working my way through the options again, slowly, enabled me to 
get the desired output after a few trial runs.

No thanks to SATLUG members.

I know that SATLUG members ARE NOT a pack of self-absorbed, 
anal-retentive prima donnas.  Why do so many of you behave that way when 
someone asks for help?

I asked for help with the syntax and didn't get a single answer which 
addressed my question.  I have no objection to learning far more than 
the answer to my question but I do wish you'd wait until the question is 
answered before going into "important related issues" and/or the usual 
intellectual snobbery.

Anyone on this list who, like me, is reluctant to ask for help because 
you don't care to be browbeaten by academic thugs has my personal 
invitation to join the hllug mailing list.

My apologies to any of you whom I have unjustly offended.

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