[SATLUG] Hardware configuration information

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Thu Sep 25 14:19:35 CDT 2008

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 09:30, Sean I <siffland at nerdshack.com> wrote:

> >
> > Yeah the HP BL465c is a fantastic blade platform.  Just out of curiosity,
> > which interconnect are you guys using with it?  Most of my customers have
> > the Virtual Connect option installed, rather than Chassis switch or
> > pass-through.
> We have pass-through for the networking and fiber connects, one of the
> remote sites has the brocade for the fiber.

Ouch.  Pass through does not help blade replacement/movement nor cable
management, but is a little bit of a learning curve and of course the
not-quite-clear "what's the point?" question.  Once it "clicks" it really is
worth the money, especially in a "heavily agile" environment where workloads
and hosts tend to be more migratory.  In a fairly static environment, the VC
does not help as much.  Where it really helps is in the SAN zoning by
minimizing the possibility of mistakes by allowing for WWN movement.

> The HP guys told us to get the Virtual Connects, but of course management
> does not want to
> spend the extra money, it would sure beat the 16 Network connects we have
> now.

Initially, I viewed it as an unnecessary upsell, but once I got on one and
the point "clicked", it makes a great deal of sense.  Given that most
environment's IT HR infrastructure far exceeds the actual IT
(hardware/software) costs are not so "important" and the couple 1000
investment on the VC amortized accross the 3-4 year life of the system
coupled with the reduced HR impact from management of the system is where
the VC really shines.

The 465c is a pretty nice blade, most we have are the 460c
> for the quad cores.  They make great XEN hosts.  The windows guys have
> 10 of them, I hooked them up with RHEL5 and XEN and they have switched
> from vmware to XEN for their virtualization needs, one box is hosting
> 12 winblows workstations with no problems.....yeah the windows guys
> running on a linux box, makes me laugh deep down in side.......of
> course that is 10 more boxes I have to maintain ;(

XEN is certainly cheaper than VMWare, but what admin impact did the change
make?  Was a centralized VM managament infrastucture in place (vRanger,
VMVC, etc?).  WHat type of training/OJT did the admins go through with the
conversion?  How many admins had to adjust to the VMWare->XEN change?


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