[SATLUG] Parallel port problem with OpenCBM...

Bamse mfredriksafstro at satx.rr.com
Thu Sep 25 16:46:46 CDT 2008


I'm trying to install OpenCBM 0.4.2a on Ubuntu 8.0.4...
I followed the instruction on this page pretty much line by line..

The install went fine but the last command seem to cause problems,

sudo depmod
sudo modprobe parport
sudo rmmod lp
sudo modprobe cbm

bamse at bamse-desktop:~/opencbm-0.4.2a$ sudo modprobe cbm lp=0
FATAL: Error inserting cbm 
(/lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/kernel/drivers/char/cbm.ko): No such device
bamse at bamse-desktop:~/opencbm-0.4.2a$

To troubleshoot I typed dmesg and got the following at the end,
[ 6014.341506] cbm_init: parallel port irq not configured: 0
[ 6060.762850] cbm_init: parallel port irq not configured: 1
[ 6063.103631] cbm_init: non-existant port: 2
bamse at bamse-desktop:~/opencbm-0.4.2a$

Looks like I have two parallel ports installed but they do not have an 
irq configured...
Anyone knows how to configure the ports to use interrupts ?

Please keep in mind that I'm a beginner so be patient with me...


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