[SATLUG] Hardware configuration information

Sean I siffland at nerdshack.com
Thu Sep 25 16:55:32 CDT 2008

> Given that most
> environment's IT HR infrastructure far exceeds the actual IT
> (hardware/software) costs are not so "important" and the couple 1000
> investment on the VC amortized accross the 3-4 year life of the system
> coupled with the reduced HR impact from management of the system is where
> the VC really shines.

Yeah we are on a DoD contract and they really can be stingy at times.
I don't really understand the managers received Dell XPS notebooks for
their personal use but we cant get them to purchase for drive licenses
so we can back up our weekly 22TB of data across more drives.....

> XEN is certainly cheaper than VMWare, but what admin impact did the change
> make?  Was a centralized VM managament infrastucture in place (vRanger,
> VMVC, etc?).  WHat type of training/OJT did the admins go through with the
> conversion?  How many admins had to adjust to the VMWare->XEN change?
> Thanks!
> John

The impact was extremely minimal believe it or not, now we are test
and development here and manage the production system remotely.
Production cannot be on virtual systems, nPar's on HP systems are as
close as we can get.  I already had a few environments with linux
guests and one of the windows guys was saying how sluggish he thought
vmware was.  So we tried XEN out with windows and it was a lot more
responsive on the same hardware.  I am unsure what they used for
centralized management with Vmware, we are separate from the windows
admins, but i know they did administer them from a single application.
 Only OJT they received about Linux was what i taught them (scary,
they only get sudo for a few apps on teh command line), currently they
are using virt-manager to manage their systems and are looking for a
better server/client based tool (we cannot have web servers running on
the network so web based tools are out).  The windows guys have 4 guys
who had to adjust to the vmware/XEN change and one knows how to
install windows on the XEN instance and is showing the rest but beyond
that they just remote desktop into them and use the same as they did
the Vmware ones.

As for backups, we use data-protector to backup important data and the
image is a generic for our linux systems so we just have an image we
dd back in place and restore data.  Do you use XEN in your


Sorry if this went through twice i mailed from the wrong account.

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