[SATLUG] Need more resolution choices

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 22:39:57 CDT 2008

This is the video card line on my system when I run the command: sudo
lshw -short:

> /0/100/1/5                          display     RS485 [Radeon Xpress
> 1100 IGP]

Check this line, see what you have for a video card, and ensure you have
the proper (proprietary, in this case, ATI; you may have Nvidia; be
sure) driver loaded, and that you have System>Administration>Hardware
Drivers set to use the restricted drivers.  Then reboot, and try
System>Preferences>Screen Resolution to see if you can properly set
them.  It worked on the 2 machines I needed to do it on...


Andrew Pickens wrote:
> You may recall that I got a lot of help, about the end of August re a
> Ubuntu 8.04 resolution problem.  In summary, I can't get resolutions
> above 800x600.  I've continued on the problem, because I'm determined,
> and, if it can be fixed, I'll have an acceptable Windows substitute. 
> Here is what I think I've learned.
> 1.  The vga=xxx in /grub.boot.grub.menu.lst changes the resolution up
> to the Ubuntu log-in screen.  It seems to have no effect in Umbuntu,
> proper.
> 2.  When I change xorg.conf, the system always comes up in 800x480,
> which won't allow me to change resolution because "apply" is off the
> screen.  I found that 'xrandr' will list the available resolutions,
> and I can get to the max. available with'xrandr -s 800x600.'
> 3. 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg' and similar always
> generate an empty skeleton xorg.conf such as I started with.  The
> Ubuntu recovery mode does the same thing.
> 4.  There is a command, which I've lost track of, that brings up the
> blue question screens similar to what you get on an original
> installation.  Except for asking if you want to use the framebuffer
> option, it is entirely about the keyboard.
> 5.  When I monkey with xorg.conf and restart, I usually get a 'Low
> Graphics' screen, "Your screen & graphics card could not be detected
> correctly ..."  If I select "Configure," in "Screen," I can select my
> monitor, Dell M780.  In "Graphics Card," I accept "Generic
> VESA-compliant video card."  The system then produces a new xorg.conf
> file with the monitor characteristics filled in and a whole, big range
> of modes and mode lines.  Unfortunately, at restart X tends to break
> ... I get a screen full of brown lines.  Reset, recovery mode, and
> "Try to repair X" fixes it, but takes me back to the empty xorg.conf
> file.  I can get back by copying and pasting.  Here is my latest
> effort, in which I have eliminated the highest modes, and filled in
> the name of the monitor, Dell M780:

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