[SATLUG] Parallel port problem with OpenCBM...

Bamse mfredriksafstro at satx.rr.com
Sat Sep 27 16:41:04 CDT 2008

OK, I'm giving up and will blame this on the PCI card...
Even when re compiling OpenCBM to allow you to specify Address and IRQ, 
it still does not work with the values listed below...

Thanks everybody...

Bamse wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be a BIOS setting since it's an add on PCI card...
> However I found the address and IRQ for the ports with lspci -v so I'm 
> going to try setup OpenCBM to use this address and IRQ tomorrow...
> Guess I should use DC88 and IRQ 22 as parameters...
> 03:05.0 Communication controller: NetMos Technology PCI 9815 Multi-I/O 
> Controller (rev 01)
>    Subsystem: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 2P0S (2 port parallel adaptor)
>    Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 22
>    I/O ports at dc88 [size=8]
>    I/O ports at dc90 [size=8]
>    I/O ports at dc98 [size=8]
>    I/O ports at dca0 [size=8]
>    I/O ports at dca8 [size=8]
>    I/O ports at dcb0 [size=16]
>> One thing to check to see if your BIOS has been set up to allow for IRQ
>> usage.  SPP ports don't use IRQ, and either EPP use an IRQ, and ECP 
>> uses a
>> DMA channel. IIRC.  Keep in mind, all 3 are "parallel ports", just 
>> different
>> semi-compatible standards of the same thing.
>> Richard

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