[SATLUG] "Out of Range"

Arthur Hall art.hall at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 27 21:05:36 CDT 2008

An older PC that we donated to a refugee family has Xandros 3.02 as its
operating system.  After a few days of operating normally, when a
user tries to boot up and enters his/her password, they get a screen
that says "out of range."  I have reloaded the OS, thinking it
might have had a problem introduced the first time around.  Now
it's doing it again and I'm hoping one of the "resident Linux wizards"
can help me locate and solve the problem.  Thanks in advance for
the help.

P.S.  Another PC that we donated at the same time has the same OS and, to date, has shown no problem.  Thanks again.

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