[SATLUG] was now help with raid setup on linuxmce box now linuxmce success

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Sep 28 21:32:37 CDT 2008

Just thought I would inform everybody that after almost a week of trying
different raid configuations I finally settled on one.  you may remember
that I had 2 x 320 gig hd and 2 x 500 gig hd.  I tried JP' suggestion of
configuring my 500 gig hd's as such:

> > SDx1 = 128MB RAID (Linux fd = raid autodetect) Bootable
> > SDx2 = 6GB RAID (linux fd)
> > SDx3 = ~174GB RAID (linux fd)
> > SDx4 = 320GB RAID (linux fd)

and then raid5 of the 2 320 gig hd's pluss the 320 gig partitions on the

while this did work and linuxmce installed just fine I found the overall
performance to be lacking.  In particular when I tried to transfer over
150 gig's of media from a samba share in my home office it took 4 1/2
hours.  (Mind you that this was not a wireless transfer but ethernet.)
The complicated nature of the partition setup on my 500 gig hd's pluss
the complicated nature of raid5 proved to be too much for my paitence.

I finally settled on doing the following:
500 gig hd's
SDx 5 gig RAID1 swap
SDx 495 gig RAID1 LVM
320 gig hd's
SDX 320 gig hd RAID1 LVM

In the end this gave me 815 gig of / upon which to install LinuxMCE.
Performance wise the same transfer took a little over three hours.  Yeah
I lost space (over 100 gig) but I think that I gained a pretty
substantial performace boost.

I also found a new use for my nokia770, Its now the best damm remote
control that I have ever had the pleasure of channel surfing with.

so far I am very impresed with linuxmce and plan to install it on three
more machines in my house. To make it more challenging two of the
machines will be laptops (I foresee problems with wifi) and the third
will be run on on a custom built useing virtualbox.

wish me luck

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