[SATLUG] Need more resolution choices

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 22:44:13 CDT 2008

Andrew Pickens wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> This is the video card line on my system when I run the command: sudo
>> lshw -short:
>>> /0/100/1/5                          display     RS485 [Radeon Xpress
>>> 1100 IGP]
>> Check this line, see what you have for a video card, and ensure you have
>> the proper (proprietary, in this case, ATI; you may have Nvidia; be
>> sure) driver loaded, and that you have System>Administration>Hardware
>> Drivers set to use the restricted drivers.  Then reboot, and try
>> System>Preferences>Screen Resolution to see if you can properly set
>> them.  It worked on the 2 machines I needed to do it on...
>> Cheers;
>> Ed
>>   For some unknown reason, I just found this e-mail from 9/25.  I get:
>> andy at Izzy:~$ sudo lshw -short
>> [sudo] password for andy:
> H/W path              Device      Class       Description
>> =========================================================
>> /0/100/1/0                        display     K8M890 [Chrome9]
>> Integrated Video
> Hardware Drivers is empty. It says, "No proprietary drivers are in use
> on this system."   Maybe drivers installed by Ndiswrapper don't count;
> I surely installed one for my wireless connection.  Looking at the
> Help file, it appears that there should be a list.
Actually, you need to find the driver that Windoze uses (mine uses
bcmwl5), point your system to it, or even better, move a copy of it to a
special directory, and wrap that using ndiswrapper.  THEN, the system
should be able to find it using the restricted drivers applet. 
Otherwise, look at the MAN pages for ndiswrapper and follow their clues...
> I've been struggling with the VIA driver site and stuff downloaded
> from it.  For me, it is a real can of worms.  I think I have the
> correct source driver and the readme for it, but I'm a long way from
> getting it together.
> Thursday, I leave for a week to visit my Nevada son and go  camping,
> hopefully on the Grand Canyon North Rim, so it will be a while before
> I can resume the battle.
Have fun out there!  :)


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