[SATLUG] Strange Grub Occurance

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Wed Apr 1 17:25:56 CDT 2009

I have a machine with Debian, Antix-M8, and Windows XP installed. 
Things have been going fine for the last two months I have had these all 
installed.  Yesterday afternoon I started the system up and the grub 
menu appears with only Debian Lenny, and Antix, and Antix will not boot. 
  XP has disappeared.  So, needing something off the XP partition, I 
grab my trusty smartboot floppy, plug in the USB floppy drive, and load 
up smartboot.  I choose the first hard drive, where the XP partition is 
and , what pops up, but the Antix Grub Menu, with Debian Lenny, Antix, 
and XP, and they all are accessible.  Why?  I have made no alterations 
to any Grub files since I installed two months ago.  I use this system, 
on the Linux side, as a web server and LAMP platform.  Thanks, Dennis in 

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