[SATLUG] Xubuntu Streaming Media Server

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Fri Apr 3 11:09:44 CDT 2009

sorry this reply is couple days late but here is my 2 cents...

On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 21:14 -0500, Matt Graham wrote:
> Ok so this is a spin off from my post over the weekend.  I think I have
> chosen to go with the Media Server idea for my CLI hero.
> I think I will be purchasing this...
> http://www.hdtvsupply.com/network-media-server.html

personally i would recomend the HDHomerun.
http://www.9thtee.com/hdhomerun.htm 2 recievers networked into.  Big
plus plug and play with mythtv.  I have no experience with this device
but please before you make a purchase look through the ubuntu and mythtv
forums.  as for you laptop please be aware that if you install ubuntu
naw you might find yourself with a big upgrade in the next few weeks.
Ubuntu 9.04 Beta is out and surprisingly stable. Ubuntu 9.04 RC will be
out next week and the FC will be out on the 29th of April. Take this
into consideration.  Not having seen the specs of your laptop I would
suggest setting up mythbuntu on a desktop computer with at least 2 gigs
of ram and a nvidia 3d cards (at least something from the 7000 family
should do).  After having done this you can install mythtv on your
laptop and use it as a media client.  I currently have two laptops set
up this way (one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom).
> Now I need to tackle the daunting task of getting the Media Server running
> on my Xubuntu laptop.
such a set up does not preclude you from using the laptop to serve
media.  if however your laptop is not powerful enough to do video then
install ubuntu server and use samba or nfs to network the directory
where your media is. see the following link:

>   I have spent the evening trolling the internet for
> some help but have turned up next to noting.  Do I need Mythbuntu
> installed.  
you shouldn't need to install mythbuntu on your laptop if its just going
to serve media.  in all actuality there is little difference between a
file server and a media server.  the nomenclature speaks to the media.

> And if so, what part do I need?  Front end?, Back end?
the laptops in my kitchen as described above are front ends the back end
is on the desktop (or rather server) which incidentally also has a front
end for my living room TV

good luck

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