[SATLUG] Shell scripting challenge

Emon emon at lavabit.com
Sun Apr 5 23:26:30 CDT 2009

Hi all

I am studying for RHCE exam. The instructor is a friend of mine, and he
has issued me an off topic challenge. The challenge is …....

To write a shell script that will take a given text file as input &
divide into five equal but different files. If the number of lines in
the file is not perfectly divisible by five, then  the last file should
contain the extra lines; i.e. if the total number of lines in the
original file is 16, then it should divide them into 5 files, where the
first 4 files should contain 3 lines each & the fifth file should
contain 4 lines.

I have some very basic (Bash) shell scripting & (C++) programming
concept, but shamefully I must admit that I can't figure out very much.

All I have figured out is that I should use "wc -l" command to find out
the number of lines in the file & store it in a variable & then divide
it by 5; but after that how should I store the quotient & the
reminder??..... and how do I use those numbers to process the file???

Any help/pointer would be very much appreciated.


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