[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

N. Turnage pixelnate at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 11:20:52 CDT 2009

John Champion wrote:
> the reason that TW and ATT are going to do this is because they offer pay
> per view movies. if you have a netflix membership which includes streaming
> at $15/month, why would you buy a movie for $6.99 or higher from the cable
> providers when you could download  it and watch it as part of your
> membership?
> this is what the bandwidth cap is about. it has nothing, and i mean nothing
> to do with that misleading stat. i'm sure 5% of the users are using 50% of
> the bandwidth somewhere...just not everywhere in Road Runner's system.
> >From the beginning, TW wanted to have tiered access and bandwidth caps but
> local folks in every market told them no. so TW corporate got mad but
> couldn't fight it. now they have this phony-baloney stat they are kicking
> about and I don't see the FTC or the FCC doing anything to address this
> anti-competitive move.

Yeah, what he said.

It won't make me abandon Netflix and buy $6 movies from TW though. 
However, with Netflix announcing the move to an all-download service in 
the next couple of years, I can see why TW is playing this card. Still 
sucks for those of us savvy enough to make use of the network though.


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