[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

Shawn Bender sbender at humana.com
Tue Apr 7 11:52:23 CDT 2009

I find this entire thing to be just one big criminal act. But what gets me 
the most is that the American consumers will not stand up and take action.
Like most cowards they are going to run away and burry their head in the 
sand. This bandwidth cap it nothing but a plan to bilk more out of the 
average consumer.
I am one of the ones who have cut back on my services in order to save a 
little money. We have a netflix account. We get our TV shows on hulu. Lets 
think about this then... they continue to raise the price in this economy, 
then get upset when people start disconnecting service. So they come up 
with a new way to steal money.

And still the public does nothing.

Thank you for your time,

Shawn Bender

Charles Hogan <cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com> 
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Re: [SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

As long as the included bandwidth caps are reasonable and the overage 
charges are also reasonable I would have no problem with such a plan. 
Unfortunately, from everything I've read, the caps are way too low, and 
the overage charges are way too high.  I should consider myself lucky 
that I live in an area with alternate providers.  On a brighter note, 
maybe charging customers that own spam spewing zombies exorbitant 
amounts of money will get them to clean-up their machines and we will 
have less spam cluttering our inboxes.

Howard Haradon wrote:
> I saw an article on this, CW, IIRC, saying that ATT is now
> testing the metered model in a smaller market.  I think the
> unlimited account will be going away.  This is inevitable with
> Hollywood Marketeers using the PC to replace the home TV and
> video playback device.  My niece now downloads all her
> Netflix movies !!  And the enormous bandwidth needs of games that
> are now popular !!  I think that it is only fair to charge by the
> GB.    <rant off>
> Howard
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