[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Apr 7 15:43:44 CDT 2009

Yep this really sucks.  I have many servers that I run "for fun" behind 
my roadrunner connection.  Servers of any kind might be against the TOS 
but I don't care, it is fun and educational.  So because of this I don't 
really have any way to predict my usage.  And getting charged extra 
ain't fun at all...

Obviously this is a direct attack against netflix and hulu.  The RIAA 
and other similar agencies begged for years to get isp's to cap their 
usage but the isp's held their ground. But with the introduction of 
these movie streaming services, we see how quickly they changed their 

There is a petition online: 

Timewarner does have the "2 year price lock guarantee", but I don't know 
if signing up with that right now would exclude you from these caps that 
are to be implemented over the summer.  Time warner does offer Earthlink 
as another isp.  But details are sketchy as to if they will also be 
capped: http://stopthecap.com/

AT&T dsl is also playing with caps in the Reno area.  So I don't know if 
it would be safe with them.

In many areas people can get internet from the wireless motorola canopy 
system from GVEC http://www.gvec.net/services.asp but their plans have 
alot of up front and rental equipment charges.  Although their speeds 
are slow, I would gladly trade in my 7000/512kbs capped connection for a 
512/512kbs non capped one.  I have time to wait for a download.  I don't 
have money or the patients to plan out my data usage in 30 day blocks. 
That would require innovation on my end, and I would rather see the 
innovation coming from their end.

I feel like the end of a great age is upon us.



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