[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 22:36:46 CDT 2009

Jim Parkhurst wrote:
> In another thread - Yahoo Cable - which was/is discussing the same 
> thing a point was brought up that the cable companies (TWC) need to 
> get permission from the cities that they want to serve.
And you think AT&T or TWC can't fit enough neocon rethuglicans in 
Austin, Bexar County, or San Antonio into their pockets to make this 
happen?  This is still very much a conservative "red" state.

A better bet for us might be to engage the EFF and/or similar 
organizations to fuel the fight. 

TWC's actions are in large part (if the flip-side) what the "Net 
Neutrality" battle is all about -- if they can't kill sites due to 
either commercial viability or the 1st Amendment, then they'll throttle 
the users via their pocketbooks.  Their message is clear either way.   
They want control, or they want money.  6-5, pick 'em...

> toddwbucy at grandecom.net wrote:
>> It seems to me that the only way to make TW and AT&T respond to this 
>> is to make
>> some noise. It kept them from doing it before and its the only means 
>> we have to
>> keep them from doing it now.  That is outside of leaving TW for the 
>> competition.
>> Todd

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