[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 7 23:09:34 CDT 2009

Jim Parkhurst wrote:

>In another thread - Yahoo Cable - which was/is discussing the same thing 
>a point was brought up that the cable companies (TWC) need to get 
>permission from the cities that they want to serve.

I doubt that. The usual excuse is that {dastardly scheme d'jour} is
required to prevent network abuse and ensure "fair" access for everyone.
Such weasel words are in the Terms of Service already, so... no
appointment necessary.

(As I understand it, the permission from the cities is just "Can we
string wires across your streets?" The Federal courts have stripped all
other local regulatory powers.)  --Don

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