[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 23:36:00 CDT 2009

N. Turnage wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Jim Parkhurst wrote:
>>> In another thread - Yahoo Cable - which was/is discussing the same 
>>> thing a point was brought up that the cable companies (TWC) need to 
>>> get permission from the cities that they want to serve.
>> And you think AT&T or TWC can't fit enough neocon rethuglicans in 
>> Austin, Bexar County, or San Antonio into their pockets to make this 
>> happen?  This is still very much a conservative "red" state.
> Easy, man. This isn't a political issue, and the name calling is 
> completely unnecessary. Let's not start down that path. Maybe, we 
> should get together and go to the next city council meeting to voice 
> our opinion?
My apologies for the slur.  Maybe I'm reading more into this than is 
there, but I don't think so...

Any time a control is instituted, be it legal or economical, it does 
become a political issue.  If it didn't how and why would anybody be 
asked to take a stand on it?  Isn't this "an issue?"  We complain about 
people rolling over and taking it;  We're asking them to wake-up and 
act.  Hm.  Seems pretty political to me...   (Classic definition of 
"politics" from my undergrad days at UTSA: "Who gets what, how do they 
get it, and why?  "Net Neutrality" is and always has been one of my 
hot-button issues...)
>> A better bet for us might be to engage the EFF and/or similar 
>> organizations to fuel the fight.
>> TWC's actions are in large part (if the flip-side) what the "Net 
>> Neutrality" battle is all about -- if they can't kill sites due to 
>> either commercial viability or the 1st Amendment, then they'll 
>> throttle the users via their pocketbooks.  Their message is clear 
>> either way.   They want control, or they want money.  6-5, pick 'em...
> Then there is no better time to dig in and fight them then.
Any suggestions?  I've suggested contacting the EFF.  Any other 
organizations we might enlist?


> ~Nate

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