[SATLUG] Time Warner Corralling bandwidth use

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Apr 8 05:25:34 CDT 2009

ed wrote:
> Jim Parkhurst wrote:
>> In another thread - Yahoo Cable - which was/is discussing the same
>> thing a point was brought up that the cable companies (TWC) need to
>> get permission from the cities that they want to serve.
> And you think AT&T or TWC can't fit enough neocon rethuglicans in
> Austin, Bexar County, or San Antonio into their pockets to make this
> happen?  This is still very much a conservative "red" state.

you're damn right, it is.  And the Democraps want to take away our
freedoms, our right to bear arms, and if we let -that- happen, there's
no telling where it wind up, including having the Democrapic government
tell us that we -must- run only Windows.

Thomas Jefferson said (kinda closely, anyway)

A Government big enough to give you everything you need,
is big enough to take it away, too.

Being a Texan is not a geographical placement.  Being Texan is a state
of mind.

My mind is currently torqued-off at the fact that the current president
lied his way to the office.  He denied knowing the unrepentant terrorist
Bill Ayers, when it was Ayers own living room, where Obama's political
career was launched.  Denied being influenced by Reverend Wright
(everyone has heard that story) denied knowing Farhakhan, when evidence
proves otherwise. 

Now, they are taking away our guns, they are taking away our rights, one
at a time, they are raising our taxes (a campaign promise -not- to do)
they're sending -more- troops to Afghanistan, pulling troops out of
Iraq, and setting free hundreds of international terrorists who were
rightfully held as prisoners following the attack on New York City. 

Damn right, this is a RED state!  To think of what the democraps are
doing to us, gives me the RED ASS!

> A better bet for us might be to engage the EFF and/or similar
> organizations to fuel the fight.
> TWC's actions are in large part (if the flip-side) what the "Net
> Neutrality" battle is all about -- if they can't kill sites due to
> either commercial viability or the 1st Amendment, then they'll
> throttle the users via their pocketbooks.  Their message is clear
> either way.   They want control, or they want money.  6-5, pick 'em...

They want control -and- money.  This current administration is going to
be -taking- it.  They won't be asking for it.

Think I'll build a boat...

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