[SATLUG] Meeting Tonight - 8-Apr-2009

Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 23:18:36 CDT 2009

--- On Wed, 4/8/09, Don Wright <satlug at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> From: Don Wright <satlug at sbcglobal.net>
> Subject: [SATLUG] Meeting Tonight - 8-Apr-2009
> To: satlug at satlug.org
> Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 2:05 PM
> Tonight's meeting should be the usual
> mix of items. Enrique Sanchez Vela
> offered a presentation on the Processing language that
> helped him with a
> data visualization project. A few others suggested
> tiny/rescue/toolkit
> distros, so I'll try to have some available to discuss.
> We'll plan a bit
> for the May 30 Computer Show (www.PCshowS.com), and Jim
> Wells will
> report on the SATLUG shirt order.
> Parking will be very limited on that side of SAC for many
> months, so
> come early and cast a wide net.
> See you there!  --Don


I want to apologize for the mixup but I sent an email asking for confirmation, date and aprox lenght of the talk and don't recall seeing it.

I bet if I check on the mailing list archives I'll find it there, I really feel bad about this.

would you consider the talk for next month meeting?? would half an  hour do it, 1 hour?

sorry again,


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