[SATLUG] Time Warner Update Yesterday.

bill barmstrong at satx.rr.com
Fri Apr 10 10:40:13 CDT 2009

Time Warner Cable Earnings Refute Bandwidth Cap Economics



"The company claims its capped rates are fairer than flat rates because
people who use less bandwidth stand to get a break as the company shifts
its costs to others who use the network more." 

"There is only one small problem: A close look at Time Warner Cable's
books shows no significant link between its high-speed data costs and
network usage." 

"For 2008, the most recent period available, Time Warner Cable reported
that its high-speed data costs actually declined by 12 percent to $146
million. Meanwhile subscribers increased by more than 10 percent to 8.4
million, and high-speed data revenues climbed to more than $4 billion. "

"UPDATE: Since this article was first published, Time Warner Cable has
updated its pricing scheme." SEE BELOW.

"Bowing to Pressure, Time Warner Alters Broadband Caps"

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