[SATLUG] TW buisness class price list? anyone

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Apr 10 16:48:58 CDT 2009

Samuel Leon wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>> Since TW wants to charge me $150 buck a month for residential internet.
>> Is anyone able to post a price list for TW's business class offerings?
>> thanks
> 4 years ago I had basic cable and rr business class for $100 a month.  
> I think it was 3000/768.  You just have to call and ask and make up a 
> business name.
> Sam
I am astounded at this cause I have the lowest class rural DSL- PPPoE 
0/35 <javascript:fRunPPPConnect('oe00')> and i have no idea what speeds 
I am restricted to but I keep my home net on line all the time since I 
no longer have a TV or A radio just do it all over the puter. I have a 
radio station playing right now that I cannot receive with any radio. 
got 2 web windows open with several Tabbed windows in each. Small time 
but more than my little brain can keep up with.

 I used to have dial-up on one line and Ip was $10mo+ tel-line was $26mo 
not i have 2 lines and pay $47mo for 60 to 170kbs DL rate from the 
40.333 dial up. So I thought that was cool till I hear you guys talking 
megabits. Of course I am not using it for any biz purpose just to 
entertain me. sure worth the $11 bucks more a mo it cost me.
herb c


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