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David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Fri Apr 10 18:06:41 CDT 2009

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Herb Cee wrote:
> David Kowis wrote:
>> bill wrote:
>>> Time Warner Cable Earnings Refute Bandwidth Cap Economics
>>> http://blog.wired.com/business/2009/04/time-warner-cab.html
>>> GREAT ARTICLE. A snippet.
>>> "The company claims its capped rates are fairer than flat rates because
>>> people who use less bandwidth stand to get a break as the company shifts
>>> its costs to others who use the network more."
>>> "There is only one small problem: A close look at Time Warner Cable's
>>> books shows no significant link between its high-speed data costs and
>>> network usage."
>>> "For 2008, the most recent period available, Time Warner Cable reported
>>> that its high-speed data costs actually declined by 12 percent to $146
>>> million. Meanwhile subscribers increased by more than 10 percent to 8.4
>>> million, and high-speed data revenues climbed to more than $4 billion. "
>>> "UPDATE: Since this article was first published, Time Warner Cable has
>>> updated its pricing scheme." SEE BELOW.
>>> "Bowing to Pressure, Time Warner Alters Broadband Caps"
>>>  http://blog.wired.com/business/2009/04/bowing-to-press.html
>> I remember reading about this a while ago, and I started up vnstat on
>> my router.
>> http://shlrm.org/vnstat/
>> Thar be my cumulative bandwidth usage for about a year, month by month.
> Hey David can you tell me how to do that to see what I use on my DSL? I
> can run the CLI but only with someone supplying the code I still have
> that stuff to learn in the 80 to 100yr period of this trip. I would
> appreciate it.
> thanks

I'm using vnstat, then there's some php scripts that can read the vnstat
output and produce the php page that you see.


There's the PHP scripts.

Of course, you need to run this all on your router computer. Vnstat is
running on the interface to the world for me. So if you're behind a
wireless router or somethign like that, this will not provide results
for that, but only for the computer you're running vnstat on.

Unfortunately, right now I don't have time to elaborate on how I set it
up, however, I can help with it after this weekend :)

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