[SATLUG] Getting around Spamhaus + Yahoo mail

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sat Apr 11 00:07:31 CDT 2009

Alex Bartonek wrote:
> Kinda nerdy here... but my home webserver emails me at 8am, 12noon and 4pm telling me its running.  Then I get an email @ I dunno.. I forget the time, it tells me backups are complete.  For a while my emails have been very slow.  Being that I can ssh into my home webserver from my phone I know its working so I havent really diagnosed it until now.
> After looking at the log file I see that yahoo/Spamhaus is blocking dynamic ip/residential ip's from sending mail directly to their smtp servers.
> Any other way around this?

You don't say what your mail profile is.  I'm running sendmail and postfix.

If you are doing something similar, look in
look at
and start adding domains that aren't covered in the following format:

# send all email for a special host to another host or to a specific IP:
#host.sub.org           smtp:host.domain.com
#host.sub.org           smtp:[]
att.net                 smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
attnet                  smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
googlemail.com          smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
gmail.com               smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
etex.net                smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
centex.net              smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]
yahoo.com               smtp:[smtp-server.satx.rr.com]

etc, etc.

Whenever you get a black-listed, or residential-blocked message, add
that domain to your isp list (as above).

Hope that helps.

-Geoff (in Baja Spring, TX)

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