[SATLUG] Springs for IBM Model M Keyboard

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sun Apr 12 17:23:29 CDT 2009

Does any one have an old non working IBM model m keyboard that they 
could snag some springs off of?  I need 2 but I am thinking maybe 3 just 
in case.  They are not too hard to get without taking the keyboard 
apart.  Just pop a key off and you will see the spring sticking up. The 
spring it self is seated on a little nipple looking thing on the key 
switch down in the hole.  It is just held on by friction.  Just pull up 
on the spring alittle bit with your finger and use a small pick or 
something to dig the spring off of the little nipple thing.  It is not 
that hard to stretch the spring so you do have to be careful.

Oh and these things are awesome to type on.  Highly recommended!


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