[SATLUG] Springs for IBM Model M Keyboard

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Sun Apr 12 20:00:59 CDT 2009

Herb Cee wrote:
> Samuel Leon wrote:
>> Does any one have an old non working IBM model m keyboard that they 
>> could snag some springs off of?  I need 2 but I am thinking maybe 3 
>> just in case.  They are not too hard to get without taking the 
>> keyboard apart.  Just pop a key off and you will see the spring 
>> sticking up. The spring it self is seated on a little nipple looking 
>> thing on the key switch down in the hole.  It is just held on by 
>> friction.  Just pull up on the spring alittle bit with your finger and 
>> use a small pick or something to dig the spring off of the little 
>> nipple thing.  It is not that hard to stretch the spring so you do 
>> have to be careful.
>> Oh and these things are awesome to type on.  Highly recommended!
>> Thanks,
>> Sam
> Sam, I agree awesome, wouldn't part with any of my three but I did 
> replace an escaped spring with either one from under the wheel of a Bic 
> lighter or a retractable ball point pen can't remember had to kind if 
> tweak it to get down on the contact nipple but it still works fine, 
> don't even remember which one I did that to. Wish you luck.
> herb

ROFL that is awesome.  I will try it if all else fails.  But I have a 
feeling that someone has a beat up model m sitting in their closet 
somewhere just waiting.


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