[SATLUG] quickbooks type software

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 21:00:56 CDT 2009

--- On Tue, 4/21/09, N. Turnage <pixelnate at gmail.com> wrote:

> I hate to admit it, but that's why I have gone back to
> using a Mac for most of my work. I still believe in open
> source, and I love Ubuntu (and apt-get and the snappy feel
> of Linux), but I got tired of the lack of good stable
> software, and I needed to get work done. That said, if Adobe
> ports the Creative Suite to Linux, I'll be the first on
> board.

I havent bailed on Linux.  I get annoyed but I dont blame linux for others shortcomings.  Not saying you are or anything like that.  I didnt like the feel of GnuCash anyway.  I left windows because of crashing/having to reinstall.  Havent had to reinstall Linux ever, so I'm hesitant to leave it lest the newfound OS I choose has the same issues.  :- /  


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