[SATLUG] OT: Built my own DTV antenna

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The key for reception is the switchover date of June 12.  The FCC (bless their pointy heads) along with Congress restricted the power for most, if not all, analog broadcasting signals until then.  KLRN (channel 9) is only able to use about a tenth of their signal strength until then.  KENS (channel 5) is using channel 41's tower  and is only able to use a small portion of their normal signal power.  Channel 4 may be the same.
On the magic date, all of us cable holdouts who are using analog sets with converter boxes and antennas (antennae?) will have to rescan for all channels, since the signal strengths and some broadcast tower locations will have changed.  All this because Congress was more worried about the less than two percent of the voting public who had not prepared themselves by February 17th than they were about the 98 percent who had.  I guess I don't understand the math of risking the ire of the majority to capture two percent of the voting population.
Incidentally, I get 20 or more stations on each of two analog sets using rabbit ears and RCA converter boxes.  One potential glitch to watch out for: be sure your converter box is a pass-through type.  My first two would convert digital signals, but blocked analog signals.  Wal-Mart was knid enough to trade me even when they got the pass-through type in stock.
Happy viewing.

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>> Luckily I had all the parts. About the only thing you'll have to
>> is a 75 ohm balun. Here's a pic. Its pretty ghetto but works
>> surprisingly well:
>> http://mann.uthscsa.edu/images/dtv-antenna.jpg
> That's cool.  Do you use it a ground level or is it on an upper

Right now its just propped up against the wall on top of my subwoofer.
When the Talladega race is over I'm going to hook up my tone meter and
try to see if I can't improve the antenna signal. I do get a picture
perfect 10 channels, however I still haven't been able to lock onto

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