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Othniel Graichen othniel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:35:52 CDT 2009


Use Blocking I/O on the Microsoft platform and document the behavior iin
the user's manual.

As usual, the end-user then has a choice whether to use a version of the
software built for an advanced multi-user OS or for an unreliable
multi-tasking OS.

Do not cripple the software's capabilities by avoiding platform
dependent code.
Go ahead and take advantage of the advanced features of the advanced platform
and don't worry about the performance of the other platform so much.


On 4/30/09, skolars <skolars at cis.sac.accd.edu> wrote:
> A friend is working on a cross-platform project.  He is using gtkmm and
> boost threads library.  On the Micro$oft platform (uck) he is having a
> problem trying to figure out how to do non-blocking i/o.  Since I am
> fortunate enough to work in a *nix only world I have no idea how to help
> him.  Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve
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