[SATLUG] Ugh, nervous lol

Kenneth Cluck kc3 at colorado.usa.com
Sun Aug 2 12:50:53 CDT 2009

 haha no I understand that, I was just nervous because with everything
else it's been very quick. I did talk to them though and it sounds like I
*might* have some competition.

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  > I haven't been able to reach'm, I figure he *could* just be
  away or something, he's the one I've been waiting on.
  Sounds like you're unfamiliar with the inner workings of large
  Corporations. Your recruiter has to consult with his boss,
  and then Human Resources has to look at everything before
  an offer is presented...If and when they're ready, they will
  contact you, bugging them can have a negative effect.

  Putting all your eggs in one basket (if this is the case) isn't a
  good plan, unless you're employed and looking for something

  Patince is a virtue.


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