[SATLUG] A Hardware Challenge

Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 22:35:06 CDT 2009

I've got a few 6.4GB drives if you need one. I ended up with a box
full of older HDs, FDDs, CD, and ZIP drives a while back.

Contact me off-list if you want anything from it.


On 8/2/09, Herb Cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
> Arthur Hall wrote:
>> A donated Compaq Presario 2200 is presenting a hardware challenge.  It has
>> a 1.6GB Seagate hard drive, 48MB of RAM, one CD-ROM drive, one 3 1/2"
>> drive, no expansion slots, no USB ports, and only one IDE cable connector
>> on the mother board.  It's currently running Windows 2000 quite nicely,
>> which would probably delight one of our refugee families.  The first
>> problem is that there's less than a GB of free space left on the hard
>> drive and there's no kind of office suite loaded.  Even Open Office
>> wouldn't have enough space.  The second problem is that they like Windows
>> or at least a close approximation of it, so one of the smaller Linux
>> versions like Puppy or DSL wouldn't appeal to them.  (Besides, I tried
>> loading them and neither would function even as a live CD, let alone an
>> installed version.)  I'd like to put in a larger hard drive and to clone
>> the current drive, since it's working well in spite of the limited RAM.
>> Hence the challenge - to
>>  clone you need IDE or USB feeds to the source and target drives, plus a
>> feed to the CD-ROM.  With only one mother board connection for an IDE
>> cable, I'm short one connection for hard drives and the CD-ROM.
>> Suggestions?
>> Art
> Art this program runs under Win-2000 and the personal edition is free
> here is the spec page:
> http://www.rsj.de/stage/en/hdimg/details.asp
> Perhaps this will work for you.
> herb
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