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Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 15:55:23 CDT 2009

Hello folks,

over the past N years, I've been using NMON a perfromance monitoring tool written by Nigel "Mr nmon" Griffiths (from IBM) on AIX which now made it into part of the OS but there is a opensource version for Linux which has been released at sourceforge.

here is the email I got about the tool.

Hi nmon User,

nmon for Linux
I am please to let you know that nmon for Linux has been released by IBM to Open Source.
The binaries and source code can now be found at this Wiki http://nmon.sourceforge.net or look for the "nmon for Linux" project at http://sourceforge.net
This Sourceforge site will be the new repository and the nmon for Linux details slowly removed from the AIX Wiki in favour of the new website. I have set up a basic Wiki website to cover: Introduction, Screen shots, Download the binary files, Getting started, very basic Documentation, Compiling the source code and Support via the Sourceforge based Forum. 
nmon for Linux is a single source code file of 5000 lines and single makefile.
This will enable you to compile nmon for your precise Linux version (if you can't find what you want in the binaries) and open a few other possibilities:
* Fixing the code - be gentle, please.
* Removing magic numbers i.e. constants that can catch us out as machines get larger.
* Developing for some strange environments like machines with no disks, blades that boot from NFS, internal Linux based engines within disks subsystems, embedded machines.
* Who knows we may get nmon for Linux within the Linux Distro's - any one know how to go about that?


best regards,



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