[SATLUG] Unslung for x86?

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 22:48:41 CDT 2009

Hello all.

I have a couple of thinclients here and I've been reading about the
NSLU2's "unslung" distros for a while now and got to thinking.

Both of these thinclients have at least two USB ports, and a 10/100
NIC so why not do something unslung-ish with them?

My issue is that there is no x86 port of the unslung distro that I
could use.  I'm specifically looking at drive mount handling,
(unmount, mount, FS support and share managment) and still using the
builtin flash only for OS storage.  I've googled for a solution but
keep coming up with the unslung distro which is compiled for ARM in
the NSLU2, both devices I have are x86 (both NatSemi Geodes,

I have an IBM thinclient that will only work with a specific
kernel(N2200) as I never could figure out how to patch the kernel with
the IBM proprietary signature to get it to boot something recent-ish.

My other thing is the Neoware thinclient although I might resort to
throwing a 30gig laptop HD into it instead.

Your thoughts?  Even if I can find an application that will fit on the
16MB card for the Neoware that will allow me to mess with the samba
config as mentioned above, that would work for one of them (quite
possibly both as the IBM will go up to a 512mb card.

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Maniacial Ramblings?



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